Reasons to Visit the Big Bend National Park


Why would you want to go to the Big Bend National Park? If you love the outdoors, then you will plenty of reasons. The Park is located in one of West Texas' most remote parts, along the Rio Grande River bordering Mexico. More than three hours from the Airport which is in Midland, Texas, the Park is where you want to be if you need immediate respite from the usually chaotic urban living, commune with nature and enjoy the challenges it presents.   


The Big Bend National Park in will not disappoint if you'd rather not be bothered by crowds during a much v needed vacation. Because of its remote location, it receives the least number of visitors among the country's  many national parks with just  about over 350,000  spending time in it  during the ten  year  period covering 2007 to 2016. But in terms of beauty and providing exciting and exciting outdoor activities, the Big Bend definitely has no equal. The extensive desert plains, majestic mountains, valleys, rivers, rapids, open sky and perpetual sun will never fail to give you a sense of freedom you do not feel in cramped cities, made even more restrictive by daily concerns.


If you love hiking, backpacking and biking, Big Bend is where you want to be. There's the Chimneys Trail, visiting rocky desert formation; the South Rim trail, ringing Chisos' tall mountains; the Outward Mountain Loop trail in Chisos incorporating some areas of the South Rim loop and the Marufo Vega trail, a curling trail passing through picturesque canyons along the Rio Grande River.  Other trails you would want to try are the Grapevine Hills, Santa Elena Canyon, and the Mule Ears, featuring a couple of impressive rock formations in the desert.  The Park employs professionals to serve as guides to visitors who love backpacking and hiking and other outdoor activities.  Check out for more details.


If you have decided that it's the Big Bend this around, visiting the Trek Southwest web site will  help you find out  more Big Bend  what you  can expect  from it. Trek Southwest contains the packages tour operators offer in the Park whole year round. There are even tour packages for families. So if you want your kids to learn to love nature like you do, a family camping trip in Big Bend is an excellent idea.  There are also biking trips that offer spectacular sites and challenging rides. For more facts and information regarding National Parks, you can go to

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